1. What separates your photo booth from other photo booth’s?

A: At first glance, there is the obvious. We use real photo booth’s, like the booth’s many grew up accustomed too during their childhood. We do not use “Open Air” booths or any other Home Made photo booths that, much like we used in grade school, are merely a  backdrop with a camera. When you hear the words “photo booth” we are what people imagine a photo booth to be.

2. When should I book my event?

A: The sooner the better, so you can secure your date. We have booked as early as a year before the date of the event. We also have booked as late as the week of the event. Never assume it is too late, but it is better to know you have your event booked than to hope you can have your event booked.

3. How can I book my event?

A: We love to answer this question. All we need is a rental agreement which can be printed out and emailed back right from our site with a $200 deposit. This will lock in your date and rate. We accept Paypal, all major credit cards and personal checks.

4. If I want the strips to be customized, how do I do that?

A: Simple! If you have artwork in mind, send it us in any format and we will put it on the strip for you. We can make it as simple or wild as your event requires!

5. How long does it take to set up and/or breakdown your booths?

A: About 30 minutes or less.

6. How early do you show up and does my time start from the time you drop off the booth?

A: We usually arrive an hour and half before every event, just to make sure the booth works properly. Your time does not start until your event starts or requested otherwise.  When the event ends, we clean up after ourselves and then excuse ourselves professionally.

7. Do you have any references we can call?

A: Of course we do! We have been in the photo booth business for over 3 years and have many references that are anxious to chat with you! Clients such as event planners, small business owners, reps from schools, hotels and numerous happy brides/grooms who will be more than willing to share about their experiences with our booths!

8. What does the attendant wear?

A: We are a professional photo booth company, so we always dress for the occasion.

9. What kind of events can use your services?

A: We have fun at all kinds of events! Events such as: Weddings, Birthday Parties, Anniversaries, Mitzvah’s, Corporate events, Christmas Parties, Festivals, Graduations, School Dances, High School Reunions, the list goes on!

10. Why Photo Magic?

A: Earlier, I answered what separated our photo booth from other booth’s. Now what you don’t see in a picture is what separates us from the other photo booth companies. For example, we use LED lighting which captures the features of your guests face and avoids the shadowy background that you see in many “Open-Air” or make shift/home made photo booth’s. Our booth’s sit 1 to 4 at a time, thus reducing the disappointment over who does and doesn’t get a strip after it vends.  Our printers have the best quality and are fastest on the market. No taking your pictures and having your pictures brought to you 3 minutes later. Our printers average a 12 second vend. By the time your guests exit the booth and return their props, their strips will be in hand, ready to return to their seats to recruit more photo booth visitors. The faster the vend, the more pictures. The more pictures, the more memories. We also feel that our booth should compliment the event, therefore our booth’s presentation is as nearly important as the guests experience in our booths. Our booth’s do not require a lot of space. Just an outlet and maybe a table and we can have the time of our lives! Whether it is elegance or craziness, our booths blend in with your event. Our booths are also durable. No knocking down curtains or backdrops, our booths are accustomed to people cramming in to capture the intimacy that only a real photo booth can offer. Our booth’s also use today’s technology. Our booths can print photo strips, 4×6′s, and even upload photo’s to Facebook, Twitter or email. We can activate the funny borders, holiday borders, face replacement and leave video messages! Again, it’s what you don’t see that makes Photo Magic Booth Rentals the photo booth rental company for your event!